About Me...

I once had a dream that I was a leaf. In this dream, I floated on and on but never touched the ground. For some reason, that dream kind of helped me understand life a little better and from that day forward, my artwork evolved into it's own being.

It's hard to come up with hobbies other than art when your go to hobbies are art related. For me, art is organic and should almost feel like it is rooted in growth no matter how far out of the universe it stretches. Nature and art go hand in hand for me and both  captivate me. My entire life, I assumed that all "artists" were like the renaissance artists and had to learn it all and so I thought I had to do the same. That has never changed. I always need to learn more and more, no matter how mundane or strange.

My philosophy on art is that a piece is never fully finished growing and it will always evolve.